PRS Electrical & Communications Contractors Pty Ltd trading as “Phase Electrical & Communications” will pass on manufacturers’ warranties only.  In some instances these may only be valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  We will provide workmanship warranties for a period of 12 months from project completion date.

Site Specific Conditions

The quotation provided is a fixed lump sum amount for the duration of the construction program.
We have not allowed for any fees or charges that may be payable to the local supply authority of the communications services provider.
We have allowed for our own site establishment, however we will require free use of your site amenities and ablution facilities.

General Exclusions

Our quotation makes no allowance for the following items:

  • Fire rating except where nominated in the Scope of Works.
  • Supply and installation of hardware/switches other than that nominated as supplied or installed by Phase Electrical & Communications.
  • Coordination with carriers and other contractors.
  • Any transport insurance where required.
  • Acceptance of any liquidated damages.
  • Any variation to electrical and communications works until works have been quoted and accepted by the client.

Working Hours

We have based our quotation on works being carried out during standard working hours of Monday to Friday, between 6am to 6pm.  Any works outside of these hours, including weekends and public holidays, have not been allowed for unless specified.

Conditions of Contract

Phase Electrical & Communications require the opportunity to review your conditions of contract prior to acceptance of any order for the quoted works.

Acceptance of Quotation

This quotation will be stay open for acceptance for 30 days from the quotation date; thereafter we reserve the right to vary, modify or withdraw our offer.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are net thirty days from date of progress claims made on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed.

Consequential Loss

Phase Electrical & Communications will not be liable for any business interruption or loss of profit or any other form of consequential loss of work carried out in association with this quotation.

Underground Services

No allowance has been made for excavation through rock or rock-like substances or removal of ground water.  Should such items by encountered, then the additional costs incurred would be additional to the amount quoted.


No allowance has been made for testing, removal or disposal of asbestos material and/or working in an environment where asbestos is present or suspected.

Make Good

No allowance has been made for the repair, making good or painting of building surfaces including ceilings, walls or floors, which may be affected by works carried out as part of this quotation.


All works associated with this quotation are carried out on the basis of our current insurance cover as follows:

Public & Products Liability:    $20 million per any one occurrence
Workers’ Compensation:       Unlimited Common Law Liability